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Safety agency: Side underride guards can save lives

Crashes between cars and trucks often turn out far worse for the occupants of the smaller of the two vehicles. Many are fatal for those in the car. That's why it's essential to be sure to keep out of a truck's blind spots and to keep a safe distance when you encounter them on the road.

Missouri students involved in fatal multi-vehicle crash

A school bus carrying 23 Missouri students and five adults was involved in a fatal four-vehicle accident on Oct. 21. The group was returning from the National FFA Convention held by the Future Farmers of America, which was in downtown Indianapolis. According to police, the crash occurred on Interstate 70 in Indiana.

Tanker trucks must follow safety protocol

Semi-truck accidents are horrible accidents, but when the semi-truck is carrying hazardous materials, the horror is often increased. Tanker trucks, such as those that transport gasoline, must be operated in a safe manner or there is a significant risk to those who are in the area around the tanker.

Truck accident? Carefully consider compensation options

Being involved in a semi-truck accident is an experience that can shatter your world. If you are injured in the accident, you might have to face considerable rehabilitation. Even then, your life might not be the same. While it isn't possible to make the semi-truck accident go away, we can help you to seek compensation for the injuries you suffered in the accident.

What is trucker fatigue?

There are many different factors that can lead to semi-truck accidents. One of the factors that is often preventable is driver fatigue. No truck driver should have to drive one of these large trucks when he or she is too fatigued to drive the truck in a safe manner.

Semi-truck accidents can lead to serious injuries

Passenger vehicles don't stand much of a chance when a semi-truck comes careening into them. The much larger truck, especially if it is moving at a high rate of speed, can easily crush the passenger vehicle. When the impact occurs, the occupants of the passenger vehicle will likely suffer injuries.

What is discovery?

There are many different steps to a personal injury lawsuit, and each of these plays an important role in the outcome. While many people may think of the actual trial as the biggest part, the discovery process is crucial to preparing for the trial and deciding if you are better off taking a settlement.

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