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Do I Need an Attorney

If you have been injured in an accident, you may be wondering whether you need an attorney to pursue a claim on your behalf.  Not every case requires an attorney and in some cases, where damages are minimal, an attorney will be of little assistance.  At the same time, questions with regard to the amount your injuries are worth, comparative fault, and hospital liens can make settling a case on your own very difficult.  

Teen driver finally charged with fatal car crash in Warren County

An 18-year-old Missouri man is facing criminal charges one year after a multi-vehicle crash that killed a Warrenton woman. The car accident occurred on July 23, 2013, just west of Highway 47 on Township Line Road in Warren County. Authorities say that the defendant was responsible for the crash because of his negligent driving practices.

Woman dies in car accident on way to bachelorette party

A Missouri woman was killed in a fatal car crash as she was traveling to her own bachelorette party on June 20. The woman, age 26, died when she was involved in a crash while the driver of the vehicle in which she was riding attempted to pass another car. The driver of that vehicle, a 26-year-old woman, was not seriously injured in the car accident.

More Coverage Than You Thought?

If you have been injured in a car accident, there be more insurance coverage available than you originally thought. In a recent opinion, the Western District Court of Appeals determined that each separate policy of insurance issued to a driver, must provide at least the state minimum insurance coverage of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. The Court's opinion does not apply to policies written for multiple vehicles under the same policy.

Cops: Driver's medical condition caused bus crash

A Kansas City, Missouri, bus driver is under fire for allegedly failing to have his hands on the wheel while operating a bus full of schoolchildren. The 66-year-old man is said to have caused the injurious car accidenta when he failed to negotiate a turn and flipped the bus onto its side. An investigation into the incident showed that the man may have fallen asleep behind the wheel as he drove the sixth-grade girls to their overnight camping trip. As a result, 22 girls were injured, with wounds including broken bones, dislocations and several concussions.

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