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Congress reduces how long employers must keep incident reports

One of President Obama's last acts in office was to issue a rule requiring large companies in hazardous industries to retain records of worker health and safety incidents for five years. This was already an Occupational Safety and Health Administration policy. However, the presidential action solidified it. OSHA says that it helps them spot recurring health and safety issues and therefore assign their limited resources more effectively.

How is workers' compensation affected by returning to work?

Workers who are injured on the job or suffer from an illness caused by the conditions in which they work often apply for workers' compensation to help them recoup some lost wages and get the medical care they need. These benefits are usually temporary measures that are given to the worker while they are off work. Returning to work affects the workers' compensation benefits, so workers who will be returning to work should understand how.

You deserve a full and fair compensation package

Workers' compensation serves a very important purpose for men and women who are injured while working. This is the program that enables them to get a settlement package that includes compensation for lost wages and medical care. It can also give them other benefits.

Snow removal duties can be dangerous for employees

The winter snow brings a lot of different hazards to our area. Some of these hazards have to do with the roadways and slippery sidewalks, but some of them also have to do with people who are trying to get the snow cleared from roofs and other areas. For workers, it is vital that their employers have a handle on the guidelines the Occupational Safety and Health Administration sets for snow removal.

Overhead conveyors can cause serious injuries

Workers who have jobs in factories face some very dangerous hazards when they are working. The heavy equipment, the moving parts and slippery floors are some of those hazards. Items falling from overhead are also a problem in some factories, especially those that have overhead conveyor belts.

Wage compensation isn't the only workers' compensation benefit

When you are hurt at work, there are probably several things that are going through your mind. Your primary concern is probably getting medical care. Then, you might wonder about how you are going to be able to pay bills and take care of life's essentials if you have to miss work. For many people, workers' compensation benefits help to get medical bills paid for while helping you to have an income until you are cleared to go back to work.

What happens when I go back to work?

When you are injured on the job, the immediate focus is on healing. Once all of the medical needs have been taken care of and a care plan for the work-related injuries put in place, that focus can shift to any legal or workers' compensation issues. Understanding how going back to work can affect your workers' compensation is critical to making fully informed decisions.

What to do if a workers' compensation conference fails

If you are injured on the job in Missouri, workers' compensation is supposed to pay for things like lost wages, and medical bills. However, you may find that you are not being paid all of the compensation to which you are entitled.

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