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A new recall for The Honest Company

Of all of the products that consumers buy, those that are used by and on our children are probably the ones where safety is the most paramount. Baby products in particular can be dangerous to tiny bodies, delicate immune systems and sensitive skin if they are not manufactured properly or are contaminated.

What kinds of defects give rise to product liability claims?

American consumers rely on the safety of everyday products that they purchase at department stores, that are prescribed to them by their doctors, and that they incorporate into their routine lives. However, not all of these products are safe, and sometimes they can cause catastrophic injury or death to the people who use them. Even worse, virtually any kind of innocent-looking product could present dangers, so there's no way to know for certain if something is 100 percent safe.

Millions of food processors recalled due to broken blades

Millions of Americans have Cuisinart food processors in their kitchens. Therefore, it was frustrating and a little frightening to learn just before the holidays that eight million of them were being recalled due to problems with the blades. That's one of the largest U.S. appliance recalls ever.

Tonka toy trucks pulled from shelves after fire reported

At this time of year when parents are shopping for Christmas presents for their kids, toy dump trucks seem like a safe choice. However, retailer Toys ‘R' Us has stopped selling a 12-volt Tonka Mighty Wheels dump truck after one of them caught fire in the back of a pick-up truck before a couple had even gotten it home to their grandchild -- let alone out of the box.

Replacement Samsung Galaxy phones recalled amid reports of fires

Just a month after the August launch of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 phone, the company announced a recall of the device, which was designed to compete with Apple's iPhone 7 amid reports of phones catching fire. The problem reportedly was a defect with the lithium-ion batteries inside the devices that caused them to overheat.

Take action before time expires for a product liability lawsuit

Defective products are items that can injure or kill. When you are the victim of a defective product injury, the medical costs of the injuries can often be overwhelming. Another issue that you might have to deal with is the possibility of missing work. We know that most people can't handle an increase in expenses at a time when income is decreasing or stopping.

What is a defect in warnings for product liability claims?

Manufacturers and others who are associated with the design, manufacture and sale of items are responsible for making sure that people who are purchasing the items know what safety hazards exist with the products. When proper notifications or warnings aren't made on the product, packing or informational insert, consumers who use the product might be harmed. When a consumer is injured, they might opt to seek compensation based on a defect in warnings.

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